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Black Friday is the most popular time of the year to buy gifts for friends and family. Gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 4 are great Christmas gifts. But since demand spikes greatly in the months leading up to the holidays, finding PlayStation Black Friday Deals is almost impossible unless you get find them before everyone else. On sites like eBay and Amazon, the PlayStation is already selling out. Despite being released nearly 5 years ago, the PlayStation 4 still retails for a hefty $400. Some slimy sellers are even taking advantage of the holiday hype by buying multiple units to resell at a higher price. Some people are paying as much as $500 for PlayStations to guarantee receiving the system before Christmas. Fortunately, if you look just a little harder, you can snag great PlayStation Black Friday discounts before they’re all snapped up! Check out some of the best deals at Amazon Below

PlayStation Black Friday Deals – Best PS4 Discounts for 2018