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Degrees Best Board Games on Android for you to Play in your spare time

Talking about board games, you think that you need other players for you to play together. But not anymore, you will not need any friends with these mobile versions of board games on your Android devices. 

Are you looking for some friends to play board games?

It is not necessary to do this anymore. We are going to show you some wonderful board games on Android without the need of your friends. You can play with online players and have fun by yourself. Let’s move on!

Best Board Games on Android to Play Without Having Any Friends. Let's check out the single player mode of these cool board games - play games online.
Talisman – Nomad Games ($3.49)



We are getting started with the basic board game called Nomad Games. It is a game of rolling the dice, picking up cards, and doing exactly what the cards say. 

You can move around facing the other online players and steal their tuff. This basic board game will give you a lot of fun. 
Small World 2 – Days of Wonder Inc. ($4.99)

Another fancy board game is Small World 2. In this game, you need to grab pieces of a picture and put them on the board and hold of them and make a race. By doing this, you can win the victory points.

The trouble is you will have difficulties to hold your places for long. So download now and claim your glory! 
Catan Classic – USM ($4.99)



Going to the next one, Catan Classic is one of the most popular German board games. In particular, you play as a settler on the island of Catan. 

And you, of course, will try to make your way into the world. You will start by building the settlement for yourself and then a roads and much more.

Even more, you can move on to collect the resources traded from the other players and continue building. This game will not be easy for you, so you should be careful with every movement. 

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Agricola All Creatures -  Playdek Inc. ($4.99)

If you have ever wanted to own a farmland in the middle ages, now is your chance. You have to build and maintain a farm. 
And you need to ensure that your growing family has enough food to last until the harvest period. The problem is that sometimes, actions are not available for you. 

It means that you have to rethink your course of action. And then, you need to decide on whether you want to renovate your home or feed your family. 
Carcassonne – The Coding Monkeys



Another game to create your own town against other players is Carcassonne. You place cards to build roads and towns. It is truly a fun and fantastic game that you should try on your own. Download this game at our store and have fun!

We hope that all of the above board games can help you gain more spirit for a new day. You can play these games anytime and anywhere without any barriers. In addition, these amazing games have many positive effects on children. So check which benefits these awesome board games bring to your kids right now!