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10rate Announces Tennis Racket Reviews and Golf Equipment Ratings

Editors Brittany Rowland and S. Dee Davis collaborate to Check out tennis rackets And golf equipment across different categoriesto select the best from eachATLANTA, March 19, 2013 / / PRNewswire-iReach/ -- It is the perfect Time of the year for golf and tennis. Editors from 10rate. Comhave compiled lists of the best gear in each of the sport. Brittany Rowland took up the job of locating that tennis racket hasbeen the best of the best. Golfcompletes quora

 She broke it down into two categories, men's rackets and women's rackets. S. Dee Davis continued hisquest into the best golf gear out there. He put together lists of the best putters, bags, and rangefinders. As soon as theydecided on the 10 finest from every category, evaluations on a scale of 1 to 10 were delegated. Awards for the best quality,value, and funding were given out too.

Brittany's record of Tennis Racket Reviews started off With the Prince EX03. She gave it a 9.5 out of 10 and stated,"While thisracquet is on the flip side at 11.4 ounces, it is suited to seasoned players who want a oomph behind their hits and it shouldn'tstrain the elbow or arm." While the EX03 has been the highest rated among the, the Head Tis5 racket won the very best value award.Brittany gave this award because it is among the couple for the beginners and intermediate players alike. She rated tennis rackets aimed at the women of this game.

 Her Best Women's Tennis Racketlist rated rackets predicated on sweetspot size, maneuverability, power, price, and durability. The Babolat AeroPro Drive GT racket received the top spot on the listingusing a 9.5 score and also the best quality award. She explained this one,"is a low power tennis racquet made for faster and morestrokes. The small head (100 square inches) raises the maneuverability and creates for an aerodynamic design." In the golfing kingdom, S. Dee's record of Golf Putter Ratings covered the 10 best putters for every golfer's bag. One of the mostnotable putters on this list was that the Odyssey White Ice 2 Ball Blade.

It won the best quality award with a rating of 8 out of10. He stated,"this is likely my favorite of their putters except the extended putters. It combines two top components in putters- a traditional heal-toe blade design that is face-weighted using a two ball alignment device which makes for a damn easy to lineup putter." Next, S. Dee looked in golf bags. Durability, cost, stability Of stand, accessibility, and business were a number of the greatestcriteria used in evaluation the bags. The Ogio Golf Stand Bag acquired a rating of 9 out of 10 and won the best value award forthe Golf Bag Reviews list. "They specialize in golf bags more compared to other producers and have more models available as aoutcome. Read more

 They make excellent quality products and this bag is great looking and durable. Of course, there is a four-point harnessshoulder strap together with a plush hip pad for complete comfort." Last, S. Dee took a peek at rangefinders. These are very handy Tools for deciding what type of action to take. The finest GolfRangefinders list covered several different brands and types of rangefinders. The Leupold GX-3i came out on top with a score of9.5 and also the best high quality award. S. Dee really like this one beacause it,"unites some fantastic features using a small,tough, heavy compact design.

It's the glowing red LED lit display to separate it in the GX2i and also works very quickly to showyardage." 10rate. Com conducts reviews in various products and services Categories and publishes"Expert Top 10 Lists for All on your life."The Organization's web site strives to"Make it Easy" to Select from the countless choices there are in the product and servicemarket place. All products and services are thoroughly researched by the companies Expert editors prior to receiving a score on a1-10 scale. In addition to Product testimonials the firms editors write guidelines, buying guides and Posts on various subjectssurrounding each item or service category coated To help teach the consumer.

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