Vol 15, No 1 (2022)

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Are we preparing for the next pandemic? PDF
Ames Dhai 2
Is protest action in South Africa bringing positive change or is it threatening our human right to security? PDF
T R Carmichael 4

Letter to editor

That only the elite should have children is a worrying argument PDF
P M Msimang 6
De Roubaix responds: Cherry-picking, selective reading and the creation of straw arguments? PDF
M De Roubaix 7


COVID-19 child vaccinations: Promoting children’s right to equality, education, food and health PDF
Z Sujee, S Ndlela 9


Artificial intelligence in healthcare: Proposals for policy development in South Africa PDF
S Naidoo, D Bottomley, M Naidoo, D Donnelly, D W Thaldar 11


Midwives’ ethical practice in selected labour units in Tshwane, Gauteng Province, South Africa PDF
J M Mathibe-Neke, M M Mashego 17
The role of Data Transfer Agreements in ethically managing data sharing for research in South Africa PDF Supplementary file
S Mahomed, G Loots, C Staunton 26
Legal reflections on the doctor-patient relationship in preparation for South Africa’s National Health Insurance PDF
M Slabbert, M Labuschaigne 31

CPD questions

CPD questionnaire PDF