Vol 12, No 2 (2019)

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Gene editing: Does it have a place in Africa? PDF
A Dhai 49
Whistleblowing in the healthcare sector: ‘My name may be Tower Hospital, but my surname and my “isiduko” is the Eastern Cape Health Department’ PDF
B Janse van Rensburg 50-52


The crisis within the South African healthcare system: A multifactorial disorder PDF
N Aikman 52-56


Using section 27 to open up the accessibility of smoking cessation health services in South Africa PDF
S Nyatsanza 57-60
Criteria for assessing the suitability of intended surrogate mothers in South Africa: Reflections on Ex Parte KAF II PDF
D W Thaldar 61-66
Pig-to-human xenotransplantation: Overcoming ethical obstacles PDF
N Cengiz, C S Wareham 66-71
Ethical issues around access to over-the-counter medicines in South Africa PDF
N Padayachee, A D Rothberg, J Gardner, I Truter, N Butkow 71-75
Mandatory childhood immunisation in South Africa: What are the legal options? PDF
P Mahery, W Slemming 76-86
Proposed legislation on enduring powers of attorney for healthcare decisions and living wills: A legal lifeboat in a sea of uncertainty? PDF
A Strode, S Bhamjee, S Soni, C Badul 79-84
The role of research ethics committees in South Africa when human biological materials are transferred between institutions PDF
S Mahomed, M Labuschaigne 84-87
Understanding biobanking: An assessment of the public engagement speaking book intervention Biobanking and Me PDF
A Bedeker, D Anderson, T Lose, Y Mgwatyu, R Luus, R Blignaut, A Christoffels 87-92


Core aspects of ubuntu: A systematic review PDF
C Ewuoso, S Hall 93-103

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