Vol 11, No 2 (2018)

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Advances in biotechnology: Human genome editing, artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the law and ethics should not lag behind PDF
Ames Dhai 58-59


Medicolegal responsibilities for the administration of intravenous contrast media by radiographers: Radiologists’ perspectives PDF
G G V Koch, L D Swindon, J D Pillay 60-65
Legalising physician-assisted suicide in South Africa: Should it even be considered? PDF
R K Jacobs 66-69
Mandatory HIV testing as a prerequisite for surgical procedures: Perspectives on rights and ethics PDF
B N Joseph, A M Jamil, B M Aya, A I Yahya, D A Dangiwa, D Jangkam, M L P Dapar 70-74
Do Tanzanian hospitals need healthcare ethics committees? Report on the 2014 Dartmouth/Penn Research Ethics Training and Program Development for Tanzania (DPRET) workshop PDF
M Aboud, D Bukini, R Waddell, L Peterson, R Joseph, B M Morris, J Shayo, K Williams, J F Merz, C M Ulrich 75-79
Involuntary sterilisation of HIV-positive women in South Africa: A current legal perspective PDF
M du Toit 80-84
Unpacking the 2-year age-gap provision in relation to the decriminalisation of underage consensual sex in South Africa PDF
Z Essack, J Toohey 85-88
CRISPR: Challenges to South African biotechnology law PDF
S Pillay, D W Thaldar 89-92
Healthcare, artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Ethical, social and legal considerations PDF
S Mahomed 93-95


Partial-birth abortion – is it legally and ethically justifiable? Lessons for South Africa PDF
F Jogee 96-101


WhatsApp in a clinical setting: The good, the bad and the law PDF
C J Opperman, M Janse van Vuuren 102-103

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