Vol 8, No 2 (2015)

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Physician-assisted dying and palliative care: Understanding the two PDF
Ames Dhai 2-3


The 2015 Sexual Offences Amendment Act: Laudable amendments in line with the Teddy Bear clinic case. PDF
Prinslean Mahery 4-6
Universal healthcare – Through the eyes of a medical student PDF
Victoria F Stock 7-10
Ethical guidelines for military-based health research: an unmet need in Africa? PDF
Julius Mbekem Nwobegahay, Joseph Ali, Adnan A. Hyder, Daniel Ter Goon 11-16
Moral challenges in managed care PDF
Leandri Hattingh 17-20
The mandatory reporting of consensual, underage sex: Knowledge, practices and perspectives of social workers in KwaZulu-Natal PDF
Zaynab Essack, A Strode 21-25
Public health and social justice: Forging the links PDF
L Horn 26-29
Public health, beneficence and cosmopolitan justice PDF
L Horn 30-33
Stransham-Ford v. Minister of Justice and Correctional Services and Others: Can active voluntary euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide be legally justified and are they consistent with the biomedical ethical principles? Some suggested guidelines for doct PDF
David Jan McQuoid-Mason 34-40
Protection of children by substitute consent: A universal principle and right PDF
Riaan Rheeder 41-43
Organ procurement in Israel: Lessons for South Africa PDF
M Slabbert, Bonnie Venter 44-47
Virtue ethics: Beyond moral theory PDF
Karen Koch, Colin N Menezes 48-49
Nanotechnology in medicine and healthcare: Possibilities, progress and problems PDF
Jillian Gardner 50-53

Education and training

MSc Med Bioethics and Health Law course for 2016 PDF
Steve Biko School for BioEthics 54

Book reviews

Persons, Parts and Property. How Should We Regulate Human Tissue in the 21st Century? By Imogen Goold, Kate Greasly, Jonathan Herring and Loane Skene. Pp Xxiv + 309. Hart Publishing 2014. ISBN: 978-1-84946-546-5 PDF
Ames Dhai 55

CPD questions

CPD questionnaire PDF