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CCleaner Deleted My Files - Free Data Recovery Solution

by nana wang (2018-12-20)

Most of us believe that CCleaner is a powerful utility program to maintain the hard disk performance by cleaning automatically the potentially unwanted files, files in the Recycle Bin, Windows registry entries, etc.smartphone recovery pro activation code

However, CCleaner may wipe the important files of yours in the Recycle Bin. Let's see what our customer said: I found some important files were lost from my hard disk by sending mistakenly to the Recycle Bin and unfortunately CCleaner deleted my files after I launched it, I really need the files to finish my job, and do you know how to recover deleted files

How to recover data after CCleaner deleted my files?Everyone knows the pain after data loss, moreover,moreover, we gonna be mad that CCleaner does not offer the data recovery mode for us to recover the files, then should we lost the data forever? The answer is no.

If you cannot find any data recovery solution for recovering your files till you find this article, you can reply on Bitwar Data Recovery which is a free data recovery software that can recover accidentally deleted or formatted images/photos, documents, videos, audio, achieve files from hard drive, PC, Mac, external USB drive, etc.smartphone recovery pro activation code
Free data recovery solution after CCleaner deleted my files.

Bitwar Data Recovery it's a 30-Day Free Trial data recovery software,which you can use to recover any of the files you want with no recovery amount limit.smartphone recovery pro activation code

Step 1, download the software, install and then launch.
Step 2, Select the Recycle Bin or the drive where have your lost files and then hit Next.
Step 3, Select the Quick Scan that has short scanning process time and this is a mode contains the important elements of file type, file path, last modification time and allows you to filter the files easily and quickly.
Step 4, After click Next button, you will turn to a window that waits for you to select the file types. If you have no idea what kind of file types, select all of them and hit San.  smartphone recovery pro activation code
Step 5, Double-click to preview the lost files and hit Recover if the files are exactly what you need.


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