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No-BS Manifesting Course

by isbella isla (2019-03-06)

I also tried retail, as an employee, and working for No-BS Manifesting Course myself. I do admire people, who love retail selling. I struggled inside every time when I was trying to convince anyone to buy anything they didn't really need, or if I knew they could get it cheaper somewhere else.Nowadays we've got internet marketing, affiliating, etc. Quite amazing, how every program you come across, promises to be the only one to make you successful, to bring you the money. But you have to join NOW, tomorrow the opportunity will be withdrawn (why would anybody, who claims their main goal is to help others, take it away?!), but very few will explain, what actually you'll be doing to achieve the promised success. What if you hate doing what needs to be done in that line of business?After trying few venues here and there, not succeeding at any, you may start feeling doomed.Don't get me wrong; I'm not really criticizing any of them; some will work for some people, some will work for others.And there are millions of ways to succeed. We all hear stories about someone else's idea which made them fortunes, when nobody would predict it; very often majority of us would laugh it out initially.So there's more than one way to make success happen, and it can be different for each of us. And I think that is great!It's the attitude of a stereotyped 'go-getter', which makes me cringe inside; it's like an old version of a real estate agent or a car salesman. It's when people will manage to make you feel like a failure because you didn't succeed their way. Their way might not be your way, but this fact doesn't usually count even in your own mind. Do you understand that in order to succeed and 'sell' their way, they have to be go-getters; otherwise they would fail.So how to become a go-getter yourself?For me it's simple; when you have at least some passion for what you're doing, whatever it may be, you'll have the enthusiasm to keep doing it, even when faced with obstacles. You won't need to be convinced or sold on the idea; it will be a driving force behind your actions. You'll be a 'go-getter' like never before.Just a little warning; when it happens and you succeed beyond your wildest dreams, please, stay humble. Real great people are humble; that's what makes them so great. There are millions of people who made plenty of money, but how many of them would you call 'great'?So be humble and happy instead of proud.