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Fit Freeze Promo

by gold stone (2019-03-05)

Such diet revolves Fit Freeze Promo Review around on the simple logic that since calorie intake is the most important factor in weight loss. Therefore, reducing, intake of calories will ultimately lead to Weight Loss. This diet does work but the replication of the diet repeatedly may not give you desired results in the end.Let me explain with an example. Let us say, currently your intake of calorie is 2000 calories and now you have decided to consume only 1500 calorie. Now, what happens is that your body is smart. It detects the change and accordingly adapts itself and start burning only 1500 calorie instead of 2000 calories. So in short, you lose that extra weight, but once body detect changes, the desirable results are not forthcoming.Calorie Shifting Diet: To overcome this problem, now a new diet plan has come to the fore, which ensures that body does not detect the calories drop change and remains in the confused state. Most of the time, the diet plan revolves around good mix of Carbohydrates, Fat and protein.The dieting plan asks you to eat frequently but in small quantity. This serves two objectives. First, you do not have a big meal at one go and second you do not feel hungry. Now, you have to eat various types of food that ensures calories intake is varying from one meal to another. This way body is not able to figure out, what exactly is happening and in the process starts disposing extra calories.Ok, so you made the commitment to lose weight and keep off belly fat. You've calculated your Body Mass Indicator and made the decision to become more physically active. You've set some realistic goals for yourself. So what's the problem? Your busy schedule and hectic social life forces you to dine out often and this makes it more difficult to keep off belly fat.