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Concerned Patriot

by isbella isla (2019-03-05)

Nogueira may not have more power than Concerned Patriot Velasquez, but he is a better technical striker. Velasquez is a pressure fighter and if you look at most of his fights he likes to use his aggression and move forward. Like a typical wrestler he leans too far forward and rushes in. Again against most fighters this works and he will beat them down with speed, power and aggression. Nogueira won't knockout Velasquez, but his striking is technically sound that he will counter his pressure fighting. If Kongo was a better fighter his striking would have set up other aspects of fighting like grappling. Velasquez was badly hurt by his striking but was not afraid of other aspects of his game and Velasquez continued to come forward where he knew he could get the clinch and get tthe takedown. Against Nogueira he won't bet able to do this because of the threat of his bottom ground game.If you look at Cain's last fight with Ben Rothwell at UFC 104: Machida vs. Shogun, he used his dominate wrestling game to pin down Rothwell. He came in for single leg takedowns and used his dominate wrestling game to impose his top wrestling game. From there he was able to land strikes. Yes he won the fight by strikes on the score sheet but it was his wrestling that set it up. He will not be able to do the same thing he did against Nog as he did against Rothwell. Nogueira has an incredible bottom grappling game and he will not let Velasquez pin his shoulder or hips down like Velasquez has down with other fighters. Nogueira is not going to let Cain pin him down and can roll out.Nogueira is a top level fighter that is something that Cain does not have yet. Who has Cain beaten? He has not fought a top ten fighter in his career. Yes he has looked good against mid range and below average fighters but lets see how he does against a top level fighter. UFC betting wise the -120 lines for Nogueira is a good price to wager at. I would have set the Nogueira betting lines a bit higher, so to be this is a high value bet.