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Manifestation Magic

by isbella isla (2019-03-04)

Be honest: where are you currently OFF balance? Why? What Manifestation Magic are you attempting to prove that seems so much more valuable than "feeling good as a whole"? I know I am prone to overemphasising my business and earning ability. I often seem to find making money more important than feeling good inside, or looking after my significant others. In my case, that always makes me feel stressed! A double whammy. Once I take time to calibrate, all these things that I have been stressing about nearly always fall into place anyway..... So why did I bother in the first place?Let's start a conversation about this. I am so adamant about helping others -and myself- finding personal balance that I want to get as many pieces of input as possible. Yours will be invaluable!Marc is a certified life/business coach, master NLP Practitioner and AusIDentities Personalities Facilitator on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.Working as an Executive Business mentor with Glenn Dietzel, Marc is among Australia's Law of Attraction (LOA) experts, and coaches/mentors internationally with the LOA principles in both business and private settings.Marc inspires his clients to create "Knowareness", a powerful state of presence that allows clients to make the right decisions at the right time, all the time.Through powerful Personality Type Profiling techniques, Values Elicitation and Business Positioning tools Marc takes his clients' lives and businesses to massive new heights.Having been a lawyer for nearly 9 years in his "previous life", before immigrating to Australia from The Netherlands, Marc knows exactly how daunting taking the first step in a new direction can be.On the other hand, he also knows how fulfilling and profitable taking that step can be, and has the knack of imparting his knowledge and wisdom in stunningly simple and highly effective ways.Every successful person you speak to will tell you their success is down to one thing and one thing only. It's not which amazing system they used; it's not some fabulous bit of software. It's their mindset.