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Dermology Hair Removal Cream

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-03-02)

Certain skin care products Dermology Hair Removal Cream Review claim to have anti-aging effect on skin. Is this true or it's just another baseless marketing tactic? Skin care cosmetic products and medications are part of the larger cosmetic medicine industry. There is an ever-increasing competition in this market. To rise above the competition, many manufacturers depend only on the marketing tactics rather than improving their products and delivering more value to customers. This creates a perplexing situation for the buyer; quality products become hard to distinguish from a pile of waste. The term "anti-aging" quickly catches attention because of its seemingly mythical meaning. The term "anti-aging" is a pseudonym actually, it is used in marketing to attractively refer to a product that increases the rate of skin rejuvenation. These products were developed initially as medications for skin ailments. They work by increasing Collagen production, helping to remove dead skin and revealing healthy new skin. The efficacy of many such skin medications is tested and proven clinically. In fact some more potent compositions of these compounds are prescribed as medicine for patients suffering from skin problems by dermatologists. These anti-aging medicines are based on alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA); a class of chemical compounds with proven medicinal value and harmlessness for human health. Skin care cosmetics which claim to have anti-aging effect are actually less potent variants of alpha-hydroxy acids based compounds. These have a decreased concentration to make their effects on skin less profound, and safe. An example of AHA based skin care products is VIVITÉ skin care range. It is one of the few products which can be used without prescription from doctors. Although "anti-aging" sounds like something fictional, these products do actually work by reversing the changes in skin which occur as results of aging.