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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-03-02)

Dumbbell Punches - grab a single Testogen Review dumbbell from the weight rack, and lie down with you back on the floor. Keep your legs straight out in front of you, and put the dumbbell in your hand. Your free hand should just be hanging out, not doing anything. Now, with the dumbbell in your hand, punch up to the sky so the dumbbell is in line with your eyes (looking straight up). Slightly bend your upper body to cause an extra extension of the punch. This extra bend should come from the upper body. Make sure not to let your lower back or buttocks leave the floor-you simply want your upper back approximately 2-3 inches in the air. This is a short range of motion folks, so don't overdo it. Rest your upper back on the floor and execute again. Once you have met your rep range, switch to the other side. Dumbbell rows - a very difficult exercise that will build massive strength. Set yourself up with a couple dumbbells placed on the floor. Get into a pushup position, and place your hands on the dumbbell. Now, what you will do is very similar to a dumbbell row. One at a time simply lift the dumbbell from the floor, and touch your torso, then drop it down again. If you are doing these correctly, you should feel a very tight string on your torso/abdominals. So you have read the first 3 articles posted in this 4 part series, and have a very defined plan for your exercises. Now let's put all the pieces together and work on the final process: goal setting, diet, recovery and mental state. The actual lifting of weight is where most people end their training. This works fine for your average go-getter, however, to lift 500 lbs you need to be better than the average Joe. You need to define your goals, dial in your diet, get proper rest, and build a very strong mental state. Many people go through life day-by-day without setting any goals. You know what-they don't achieve any goals either! Make it your first priority to set goals for where you will be in each workout, and challenge yourself to increase the weight in that exercise each week. Keep an Excel document with all your personal records (include the exercise name, weight and reps along with the date), and create a worksheet each week with your workout exercises (including weight and reps). Finally, create goals for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year out-with what your raw deadlift will be at each interval.