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The Psychology of Achievement

by gold stone (2019-02-27)

Let's go back to our The Psychology of Achievement Review definition of success - "the favourable outcome of something attempted". What is an outcome? An outcome is something that follows from an action. In other words, it is a result or an outcome. An action occurs whenever we do, or don't do, something.For example, an action would be to mow the lawn. The outcome (or result) is a tidy yard we feel good about. We are happy to have our friends over and see that we have a tidy garden. The yard looks appealing to be in. However, not to take action would be not to mow the lawn. The outcome (or result) is weeds growing up to our knees. It would not inspire us to go out in the backyard and play cricket with the children.By a favourable outcome, we mean a result that is encouraging or promising. In other words, the result does not have to be one hundred per cent on the first try. All it has to be is a sign that we are on the right track. The more times we do it, the more encouraging and promising it should become.Suppose we decided to spend two hours a day cleaning up our yard. After the first day, we have cleaned up a quarter of the yard. This result is encouraging because we can see the benefits that will come when we have completed the job. However, if on the next day we decided to do nothing, then we would have an unfavourable outcome because there was no progress made.At the end of a week, we have cleaned up our yard. We have been successful because we have succeeded in our effort. The job is done and we can clearly see the results. Now we are all ready to invite our friends over for a bar-b-que. How good we feel because we made the effort. This is to feel success.Using these examples, I think I have also showed the meaning of "something tried" in our definition of success. However, to make it crystal clear, to try something is to make an effort to do something or to achieve something. In other words, we need to try. Usually you gain success through action. There is an old saying that goes - "to do nothing is to be nothing". Another one is "nothing ventured, nothing gained".