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Power of Clarity

by Clara robert (2019-02-27)

Feel that music as you play it. Truly Power of Clarity Review go deep into your mind as you listen to a certain song. Create images in your mind with the music. Begin to see the notes in the air. Imagine deeply that all of this that you have created is real. It is real because you have thought of it much like we think about the way a tree grows are watching people having beautiful moments. The reality is that which we choose.To become a writer, one must decide to write. It matters not what type or with what one writes. Writing is writing and writing is the writer. The I am phrase comes to mind. When one states I am (fill in the blank) that is what one is. I am father. I am brother. I am husband. I am family. I am friend. I am love. It is that which decides we are going to live right now. Choose a word to put in after the I am. Write it down and say it feeling everything that means to you. Does it make your outlook on life change?Another question is what do you want to be doing? A person can decide right in the moment they want to have a drink on a warm beach. Does the person go to the beach and have a drink right then? Maybe you're more the person who then begins to plan to go to the beach. Or maybe you are the person that gets in your car and begins to go to the beach to get a drink.Every moment we can listen to the music that resides within. It will tell you which direction you would most enjoy. Then live that experience. Enjoy, love and grasp every moment for the lesson that you get to learn from it. Life then becomes a joy by way of living in the most peaceful way. This line of thinking would end disharmony that has been plaguing the world. If each person that reads this and passes it on takes in these words we could see a shift in positive alignment with the universe. This world would be a much more beautiful place to live. Always learning by way of wanting to understand something.