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Lean Belly Secret

by gold stone (2019-02-27)

Let's take a look Lean Belly Secret Review closer at fast food joints. What kind of beverages do they serve there? SODA. Soda is SUGAR HEAVEN WATER. It's like dumping 6 or 7 teaspoons of sugar over your meal. Do you know what a huge influx of sugar does to your body during a meal? It activates the "Storage Mode" leading to calorie storage = fat storage. Is this a revelation for you? SUGAR helps you store calories and negates any effort in obesity weight loss!Now can you have water with a lemon twist during your meal? Not all the time but every now and then. Eventually you'll start to get used to having water during each meal but right now I want you to reduce your soda intake until you feel comfortable having either water or soda.I used to drink soda ALL THE TIME. I couldn't eat a meal without have soda to wash it down. Once I understood the effects of soda on my body I started to cut it down FIRST and then got so used to just having water that I have soda only a few times a year. A few times a year? Is that possible? Yes, I'm telling you that when you understand more about nutrition you'll cut A LOT of things out of your daily diet or have it every once in a while. I enjoy drinking soda but not all the time.OK now Christmas is coming up and if you're serious about obesity weight loss then heed my words during your holiday meal. There's going to be A LOT of good food and of course they will serve soda but I want you to drink water first during your meal and have a little soda later if you really need to.Are you attempting a fad diet right now? Stop it, really, unless you feel like gaining more weight instead! The purpose of a fad diet is to ensure you lose weight within a ridiculously short period of time. And that is it's only purpose. They do not tell you that you will also suffer from dehydration, hypertension, headaches, and you'd probably end up in a hospital ward. I implore you to see the whole picture. These people just wants your money and they'll suggest all sorts of exaggerated claims without giving a single thought about your future.