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CBD Extract

by Clara robert (2019-02-26)

If we can come up with CBD Extract Reviews a health drink that is actually jam-packed full of antioxidants, glucosamine and esterified fatty acids (one that tackles inflammation and the other lubricates those over-worked joints) then here is a product that most people in the world would want to consume on a regular basis This is especially so in our current day and age of fast (mainly junk) food, and a total disregard by millions of the importance of regular daily consumption of at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. Now given that we can find a product that tastes delicious, and just 4 ounces per day gives the antioxidant value of 13 fresh fruits and vegetables, you can see the power here, especially for members of health and fitness clubs.But how is this going to benefit your organisation? Well, for that now let's look at the second criteria - relationship or network marketing. But before you run away mumbling something like 'That's a Pyramid, its illegal, it will never work... etc etc', just remember that relationship marketing is NOT illegal, and if you go back to the paragraph above where we quote Paul Pilzer as saying this is an area of tremendous growth over the next 10 years, you can see that this is really worthy of more serious investigation in terms of generating a residual income for your organisation. With relationship marketing, the way a product or service is promoted, is not like 'conventional' selling, with the usual plethora of massive advertising campaigns, store-rooms full of stock, and highly paid salesmen.As the name implies, with relationship marketing, the product or service is not 'sold' - it is recommended to others by people who have experienced it first-hand. A health drink, especially a world-renowned variety, will be distributed by people coming, in the main, to small, informal tasting parties. At these parties, experiences are shared between those users present with the new prospects. Now, people who get 'jacked up on the juice' and want to get regular supplies, can sign up as a distributor, and get their supplies at wholesale, not retail, so they immediately save around 15% of their costs. For many people, that will be all they ever want to do. But here's the clever thing. If these new users then invite their friends to the next tasting party, based on their own personal enthusiasm, then guess what? If their friends get all fired up, and want the juice, they sign up as distributors under their friends. This now means that the original people in the team are now getting a commission on the juice their friends consume, and very soon, they will find that not only are they getting their juice for free, but they are starting to make a little money.