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by Clara robert (2019-02-26)

Although arteriosclerosis PhysioTru Review may be a normal part of human aging, heart attacks and strokes clearly are not. When the authors of this study examined the mummies with CT scans, they were documenting calcium deposits in their arteries. They could only document arteriosclerosis and as the discussion above describes, hardening of the arteries will never kill you without throwing in a lot of inflammation leading to rupture of the plaques. We really have no idea whether these mummies were prone to such events and this study is not helpful in this regard.Did Mummy Ever Have to Dial 911?It is possible that they did sometimes have heart attacks and strokes, because we know that all of these groups consumed some food items found in our modern diet. Three of the groups were already heavily into agriculture by growing and consuming grains. The Unangan's from the Aleutian Islands were presented as a group of hunter-gatherers, yet the mummies from this group died around 1900. Even though their traditional lifestyle involved hunting sea animals, fishing and collecting shellfish, by this time they had already been trading with Russians and other groups for several centuries. They traded animal pelts for subsistence items like food and clothing. Clearly we cannot classify this group as strictly hunter-gatherer.This study made headlines around the world, implying that our ancient ancestors suffered from the same vascular problems that we do. This is simply poor science. In order to suffer from increased morbidity and mortality, you need to add inflammation to arteriosclerosis and this study doesn't discuss the issue of inflammation. Studying mummies can be exotic and fun, but let's not forget to include a little science and common sense in the discussion.</a