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Text Your Ex Back

by Clara robert (2019-02-25)

Peace is a wonderful blessing in aText Your Ex Back Review family that can be stolen by a disruption. Each stage of life requires skills we learn from others who have gone on before us. I contemplated this retirement stage with it's many losses and changes in roles.Body, soul and spirit kept going through my mind.We belong to God and one another,but also to ourselves. Love must cover all fields of service to all including our own self. As I pondered on the lack of peace,the answer came that surprised me. Wrapping all of yourself up in your spouse will not work. He is in a different snack bracket now and it troubles him that he cannot be as generous as in times past. Keeping myself content with what we have is more important now then ever before.I also realized that I have always lived in his time frame,when he was home and when he was at work.That had to change as what I did when he was at work would still need time. As an artist I was able to spend more time on the pieces I wanted to create. Now I must be firm about spending studio time alone as before. A lot of my canvases became birthday gifts and this saved us some finances. Perhaps I will sell more and help pay bills too I surmise. It is a sad thing that marriage does not hold the same for the present generation. God's place in marriage is like the glue. He is love. We need the real thing,the real genuine love so we can go up and down and rock back and forth. Onward and upward is the call that requires strength and stability and stubbornness.</