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Essence of Argan

by isbella isla (2019-02-25)

Essence of Argan meat and dairy can both wreak havoc amongst Rosacea patients.Both of these foods share some common components, in particular a sugar molecule called Neu5Gc, which is a type of glycan. This molecule is sometimes referred to as a sialic acid.So why is this molecule with an instantly forgettable name so important to Rosacea sufferers? Well, the livestock which the meat and dairy produce comes from produce this sugar molecule as a part of their normal metabolic function. Unfortunately, Neu5Gc isn't naturally produced by humans. So when we consume dairy products and meat we are ingesting large amounts of a substance that the body see's as alien. It's response is to develop anti-Neu5Gc antibodies to seek out and destroy the invader. This can then trigger a massive immune response leading to chronic inflammation and another Rosacea flare up.This could also be one of the reasons that dairy is one of the three food groups most likely to cause an allergic reaction amongst the general population. In addition to Neu5Gc, meat also contains a high concentration of a compound called Tyramine. Tyramine, a mono-amine is a histamine like substance which has been shown to dilate blood vessels, encouraging blood flow close to the surface of the skin. This then presents as the red face and flushing that we all know so well.