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by Clara robert (2019-02-22)

As you already know the bad alwaysThyromine Review comes with the good. Cinnamon is great for many reasons. It's a great spice for cooking, it has a great scent that can be used for aerosols and candles, and it has great healing properties for certain sicknesses and diseases.What some people forget to mention is that Cinnamon can be bad or fatal for a certain percentage of the population. Heavy doses of Cinnamon have been known to cause irritation to certain areas of the body. If your body is sensitive to Cinnamon or products containing Cinnamon, it's possible that you may suffer from an allergic reaction. Eye and lip swelling has been reported by some people. An occasional sore has been reported by other users.The most disturbing side effect that has been reported is fatalities. There are two types of Cinnamon that can be purchased. Of the two, Cassia Cinnamon is very potent and if taken in high quantities can be fatal. It can interact with prescription drugs, and it can possibly do damage to the liver and other organs. Before purchasing Cinnamon, be aware as to what precautions should be taken.There you have it. A spice that when used properly provides a great taste, delivers a great scent, and can provide relief to certain ailments. If you are looking for a natural alternative for certain medications, a great spice to season your food, or something to add a great scent to your kitchen, head to a local grocery store and pick up a container of Cinnamon.