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Keto Resources

by isbella isla (2019-02-22)

Whilst art directing our first Keto Resources brochure for Samsonite in Paris we had the pleasure of working with talented photographer Sandro Sodano. It was an excellent week, not just for the incredible photography we produced but also for the wonderful gastronomic journey of Paris that Sandro took us on. We ate in what I can only describe as the best French Italian restaurant in I have ever eaten in. On our way home Sandro and I got around to talking about cooking and how difficult it was sometimes to create different and tasty meat-free dishes for The Big V, when Sandro suggested I try a dish which his family have made for years and which is served as either a side dish or a main dish depending on who's at the table... it's essentially a courgette lasagne, using crispy coated slices of courgette as the pasta. It's not a fast make... so only make this when you've got a long afternoon to relax in your kitchen... although you can freeze it perfectly well. You need time to make a good tomato sauce (something never to take lightly) and then it's a process of flouring the courgette slices, shallow frying them and then layering the dish. There are some early UK courgettes about... my home grown one's are only just about to flower... so this recipe is perfect for now.