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Paleohacks Cookbooks

by gold stone (2019-02-20)

As we walked around Paleohacks Cookbooks Review in between the vendors standing in front of stores calling out to buy their products, we would stop every now and again and take a look at the different types of tortilla and huarache presses, both wood and aluminum types, different types of shallow pans and molcajetes, and tons of different specialized pieces of kitchen equipment- anything you'd need to make any dish in a Mexican kitchen. But what I really wanted to get into when I was there were the "carnicerias" and the "mercaditos." These are the butcher shops and the markets where you can find all types and cuts of carnes, pollos, salchichas, pescados y mucho mas! If you don't know what that means- you can find all types and cuts of meats, fresh sausages, chicken, fish and much, much more than that.In the markets you had all kinds of completely wonderful goods. There were tons of different cheeses and prepared sauces, dried chilis, about 12 different types of mole base, prepared masa for tortillas, fruits and vegetables, fresh tortillas... I mean you couldn't name all of the products that we found on our journey. OH, don't let me forget the "panaderias!" All types of Mexican sweet breads and pastries and my favorite breads for tortas: bolillo and telera. I could go on and on and on. You get the picture.We all seem to be in such a hurry these days. Fast food joints came into being because of our rushed lifestyles didn't they? You can make your own 'fast food' at home, with only a once-a-week effort. In fact, if you have ample freezer space you can make a lot of fast food in one day and box it all up for a later time. The key to creating a meal that you'll enjoy later is variety; hence the freezer reference. If you bake a pan full of chicken, it can be divided up into many meals. If you're really lazy or uncreative you can even make all the meals the same but I suggest you freeze all but one...and then make some other batches of different types of foods.