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Alphanation Combat Fighter

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-02-20)

In view of the recent escalation of hostilities Alphanation Combat Fighter Review involving North and South Korea the South Korean President announced that their nation's survival hinged greatly upon the need for the people to stand firmly together. He stated that their very lives depended upon national unity and urged his countrymen to unit as one. As survivalists we could learn a lot from listening to President Lee Myung-bak, for our lives also may hang in the balance of uniting with fellow survivalists. Just as over the years the two Korean nations have experienced skirmishes we can expect the same issues as we reside in our retreats within the wild. Our strength will likely evolve from our close association with like minded neighbors for which we hold a common bond - that being our combined safety. As we attempt to stand on our own in the aftermath of a structural breakdown of our government we will continue to feel the impact of a nation without established laws. It will prove critical to encourage a friendship between like minded groups. This defense could perhaps save both our small wilderness communities as well as our lives. During post calamity times we can only expect the situation to worsen until such time as it reaches the breaking point in both emotional and moral values upon our people. We can not allow ourselves to become the same as our enemy in thinking and by way of actions but must perpetuate our moral fortitude in dealing with both our friends and ultimately our enemies. These provocations against our retreat by hostile interests will continue until such time as we prove beyond a doubt that the protagonist forces can not win over our established defenses.