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Divine Vision 12

by gold stone (2019-02-18)

The exercises Divine Vision 12 Review include a number of exercise tasks which need to be carried out on a regular basis every day. These exercises are known as the Palming Exercise, the Swinging Exercise and the Sunning Exercise. Bates believed that each step in the exercise programme was a fundamental step towards achieving the goal of better eyesight without glasses. In fact since the creation of this exercise programme thousands upon thousands of people have been able to throw away their glasses.Those who wear glasses often say that they are cumbersome and that they wish that there were other ways of improving eyesight. Well, there are! We have been conditioned to believe that glasses and contact lenses are the only way to correct vision, when in fact this is simply not the case.The pioneering ophthalmologist William Bates who was born in the Unites States dedicated his life to creating a series of exercises which enable people to improve their eyesight without actually wearing glasses. In fact he made the astounding discovery during thirty years of research, that rather than helping vision problems, glasses actually make them worse.He also stressed the importance of diet for good eyesight and said that a number of eye problems were not caused because there was a problem with the eye, but were actually due to bad diet which had a negative effect on vision.If you wish to try out the Bates exercises you will need to dedicate a certain amount of time each day, but the results are certainly worth it. Thousands of testimonies from people, who have used the Bates exercises, have shown that if these exercises are carried out regularly, they actually do work.The efficacy of the Bates exercises can be sped up by using pinhole glasses at the same time. Pinhole glasses work by relaxing the muscles in the eyes, hence eliminating eye strain and enabling the eyes to heal.The advantage of these methods is that are risk free and also inexpensive ways of improving eyesight. If you do decide to give these methods a go you can also regularly chart your progress with a Snellen eye chart or by using one of the many online tests which are now available on the internet.