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Awaken The Species

by princy william (2019-02-16)

Great people have an understanding that Awaken The Species Review LIFE should be filled with LOVE for your creator and love for those around you. After all L.I.F.E is Love In Full Expression. You can claim to have greatness but if you have a Love Deficiency Syndrome (LDS) you are nothing. LOVE is not just a feeling but a lot deeper than that. Love will cause you to care for, prefer, consider and prioritise others. Take time and express love to someone today!! If you are powered by love, you will attract love to yourself, you will have many who love you around you. It is love that will build effective teams, build morale in a marriage, and build strong departments in churches. Love surely covers all. It is easier to train others when you love them. It is easier to spare time to coach and encourage others to greatness when you abound in love. It is not just a statement to say "I love you brother". It is more action oriented than we sometimes think. Love goes out and fetches for the lost and dying. It is love that drives you to take care of those who do not have. Love removes the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots". In every society there are always groups of people who feel neglected, unloved and unappreciated. Take time to express LOVE to those who feel no one loves them. In what way is your influence useful if it cannot reach those you need to impact and love. If success means that I become detached from interacting, helping and loving those not yet privileged then I am not interested in that kind of success. The true essence of humanity is being able to look beyond what could possibly separate us and make others unreachable and untouchable.