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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-02-16)

So if you want to stop it from ruining Prostacet Review your night, then take slow and deep breaths. Yes, that is the answer to your premature ejaculation problem. By breathing slowly and deeply, you are controlling your arousal and excitement, this then slowly eases down your arousal and ejaculation is being stopped or halted. So whenever you feel like you are about to explode, stop it by breathing slowly. And once you are able to get hold of it, you can continue on giving pleasure to your partner. There is about 70% of the male population all over the world that experienced premature ejaculation. So do not think that you are the only one who is actually suffering from this. If you feel like you are about to lose your partner due to this, then now is the time that you should act immediately, know how to last longer in bed now before it's too late.Maintain a relaxed mind and body - A relaxed mind and body will do you a lot of good most especially if you want to avoid having a premature ejaculation. Yes, it is hard to relax once you feel like you are about to cum, but hey! You want to be able to satisfy your partner and not just yourself. Now, did you know that your muscles are actually tensing during sexual intercourse and once you reached your climax it ends abruptly with ejaculation? But once you learn how to have a relaxed mind and body during sexual intercourse, then you too will be bale to prolong your staying power in bed. You will be able to please your partner by being able to last longer in bed. Learn how to control your breathing - This is indeed an open secret to lasting longer in bed. Yes, open because it is basically out there but not everyone wants to try it. If you learn how to control your breathing most especially when you are about to cum, then you can prolong your lovemaking with your partner. Breathe slowly when you feel that you are about to come, this will then control the rest of your body. Being overly excited will only lead you to premature ejaculation. Once you are all calmed down, then have the normal hard on, then you can continue where you left. Take deep and slower breaths every time you feel like you are about to climax. Learn to control your arousals with your tongue - If you want to last longer in bed with your partner, then you must be able to master this brilliant technique. When you feel like you are about to cum, all you have to do is to push the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and voila! You end up pushing away the blood from your penis and groin area to other parts of your body. This will then immediately lower down your arousal level. There are ways for how to have sex to last longer and prevent premature ejaculation from taking place. Here are 3 tips that work: Extend foreplay as long as possible. If you get the woman excited enough, and close enough towards orgasm during foreplay, then you won't have to worry about quick ejaculation. She will be so close to orgasm through extended foreplay, that extending sex won't even be necessary, nor desirable. Employ fondling, licking and caressing during foreplay in order to get her excited and close to orgasm before actual sex. Rest Pause. During sex if you feel ejaculation coming on too quickly then pull out, pause and rest for a moment. But keep sexual intensity up by pleasuring your partner in other ways, while you briefly pause, regain yourself, and then continue on with sex. The rest pause technique is actually a good way to practice lasting longer as well, so future sexual encounters you will naturally last much longer than usual. If you have a willing partner you can do a few pauses and recoveries during sex. This trains your body to last longer in the future.