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Profit Genesis 2.0

by gold stone (2019-02-14)

Here's the deal. For Profit Genesis 2.0 Review more than a decade, it's been common practice to post a company-wide or individual business email address as a contact method within your website's contact page. Some organizations even list their entire list of employee or department email addresses on publicly on their websites. This is not a good thing.It leads to an ever growing spam snowball effect. Spam bots scour the web looking for email addresses publicly posted on websites. They will find your email address if it's there on your site and add it to their list of addresses to send spam broadcasts to. This happens again and again, and the spammers even trade or sell their lists to each other. Before long, you're email address is a part of more spam mailing lists than you'll ever want to think about.It's got to stop, and really, the only way to stop this from happening is to take a deep look at your website to find out if that's where a lot of the spam is originating from. The idea is to completely prevent spam bots from having access to your email address from your website in the first place. And if nothing else, it still helps to at least discourage the bots from digging through your site.And if you still must list your email address on your site, at least try spelling it out in an unusual format that only humans will understand. For example, if your email address was "", you might publish it on your site as johndoe AT sampledomain DOT com; it looks strange, but most people get it and understand. Finally, you might also consider using a Gmail (Google) webmail address to publish on your site and set this address to forward to your real email address. Gmail is among the best at filtering spam, plus this keeps your actual email address from prying eyes as well.So you have finally succeeded and can work from home or you might be just getting closer to that goal. Whichever your case may be, you must know and realize that it is harder to work from the comfort of your home that one would think.