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by gold stone (2019-02-12)

Both of the Profolan Review products that we presented you with are, in our opinion, the best on the market. We did not regret our choices and I don't think you will! Alopecia areata is the group name for the disease and within that group other names are used to describe the extent of the loss, yet it is the same underlying problem: The immune system that has attacked the hair follicle.Alopecia areata need not just develop on the scalp. It can start off in the eyebrows for example or eye lashes.Parents often try to look for what triggered the problem, where in reality no one actually knows and the treatment options remain the same. The usual starting place is taking the child to a doctor to establish what is wrong. In most cases this is done just by looking at the pattern of hair loss. A punch biopsy in the region of loss is the only fool-proof method of confirming a definite diagnosis. Parents and doctors alike usually avoid putting a child through this because it is upsetting to the child.Doctors usually refer the child to a dermatologist and this is where we often see a lot of anxiety. Most dermatologists can not be seen immediately and often the parent will see the problem get worse while they await the appointment.A high percentage of children's hair loss cases get better on their own without treatment. However because some progress through to a stage where all scalp and facial is lost permanently, parents quite rightly are rather anxious. A dermatologist will not be able to predict the outcome of the child's alopecia.The most common treatment we see for alopecia areata is that of suppressing the immune system with topical steroid creams or injections. As steroids are known to cause some side effects and are not normally safe to use for long periods of time, many doctors will often avoid using them to see if the problem clears up on its own.To the parent, this adds to their anxiety: In many cases it has taken many weeks to get to see a dermatologist only to be told that there will be no treatment available at that point. Other parents are prescribed steroids, but when they read the list of side effects they are then too nervous to start using them.That is why we find so many parents turning to the internet for support and advice. It is much easier to come to terms with the disease if you know other parents have been through the emotions you are experiencing and you can learn from their experience in beating the hair loss.