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Digestit Colon Cleanse

by princy william (2019-02-09)

Vitamin C, which is also known Digestit Colon Cleanse Review as ascorbic acid, is soluble in water and is therefore easily eliminated from the body. Since our body cannot produce vitamin C on its own, the amount of it has to be maintained by regularly taking foods high in vitamin C.Main reason to have it in large quantities As vitamin C is not stored in the body even if we take large quantities of it, we have to maintain the daily intake of foods high in vitamin C. The prescribed dose of vitamin C for an individual per day is 60 mg, according to the recommendations of FDA. This daily dose is called RDA or recommended dietary allowance.Sources of vitamin C:Studies show that vitamin C intake is sufficient in only 15% of the population. Others have to take more of fruits and green vegetables, which are foods high in vitamin C, to maintain the necessary level.Citrus fruits are considered to be foods high in vitamin C but it is not sufficient to rely on just citrus fruits for all one's vitamin C requirements. There are also other sources of vitamin C to consider.Broccoli is so rich in vitamin C that just half a cup of it will give you 45 mg vitamin C. Tomato comes as close second in that just a small tomato can give the eater 25 mg vitamin C. Both these are foods high in vitamin C.Mango and papaya may not be as commonly available as broccoli and tomato, and mango is more seasonal. But both have a high content of vitamin C and a medium sized fruit will give one day's dose of the vitamin. Other foods high in vitamin C are vegetables like potato, kohlrabi, and the kiwi fruit.