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Explode My Payday

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-02-09)

Consider who will be impacted when the national Explode My Payday Review debt grows so high that it forces up interest rates? What will happen to the mortgage rates for the poor and middle class when interest rates spike upward? Who will be pushed out of their homes into apartments? What is really being accomplished by borrowing money to 'help' these people with government programs? Consider what will happen when the purchasing power of the US dollar falls by 10%+ per year? What will happen to the working class families that are dependent on the wages of a primary income earner? What will happen to the retiree who is living on a fixed-income pension? What will happen to people who depend on government assistance to take care of their families? How much will these people be helped when the government devalues the currency to finance its spending obligations? In the end, the only person whom you can completely trust to take care of you is you. It is certainly possible that people will help along the way. It is also possible that some of these people may be politicians, but honestly ask yourself who the politicians will take care of first... themselves or you? If politicians are more likely to take care of themselves first and are extracting your wealth to fund their initiatives, how much do you think will be left over to fund programs that you benefit from? Do you need grant funding? There is good and bad news. The good news is that yes, there are some legitimate grants out there that you can apply for. The bad news is that grants are not as easy to get as you may have been lead to believe. You have two sources for grants - government grants and private grants. Private grants are offered by different organizations. Some of these organizations may be businesses and other organizations may be non-profit ones. Government grants, in some cases, may be harder to get. The reason is that they are more popular and better known. There may literally be thousands of people applying for the same government grant that you are. This means it can be a big challenge to land a grant from the government. It's certainly not something you can't do, but expect it to be more difficult. Government tends to only offer grants for certain activities. These could be business endeavors, education, research, and community service type programs/activities. Very rarely will you find a government grant given out only on the basis of financial need - it's usually financial need and some specific activity that government feels is worth investing money in. The second outcome is when the cost of purchasing favor is shifted to future generations through debt or extracted from the overall population through inflation. In this scenario, the 'free lunch' being promised to the electorate is actually being paid for by the very people who are targeted by government programs in the first place.