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by princy william (2019-02-07)

Forex trading market is BinBotPro Review a money market, people invest their capital, some of them lose million, and some others win millions and that is how it works. In the past, most of the things were done manually but now with the advancement in technology things are changing. Calculations are done with calculators and computers are used to store record of previous trades. In this new era of technology, robots are the key factors, which are changing the traditional Forex trading market.Traders are using Forex trading robots to reduce their work loads. This Forex robot is not only fully automated but a new technology makes it accurate also. RCTPA or Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis have been introduced in this software for the very first time. This system enables the robot to predict the market trend in next 2 to four hours. This prediction quality makes the robot even better. Moreover, this robot is 100% automatic. You have to adjust the few settings, like how much money you want to invest and how much risk you are ready to take etc and then this robot can be left without any supervisor. It can take all trading decisions itself. It keeps the record of previous trades and consults them before making the next move.Track record of this software tells that its winning percentage is about 95. This proves its efficiency. There are few draw backs also, like it does not trade on holidays, and trades very selectively, at time it does not trade for the whole day. But if we look at the winning percentage then we can ignore these negative points.Workers ask for holidays, increase in salary packages and other benefits. But software like Megadroid does not make such demands. Due to such reasons these softwares are getting popular day by day. These qualities of robots will help them to change the Forex trading market;