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How to Write a Book

by gold stone (2019-02-06)

Sure, this is a "winning How to Write a Book Review is everything" article, I do admit to you fully and succinctly. But, the kind of winning I am talking about is that genuine winning that would be desirable to anyone who has a genuinely activated desire for genuine happiness within themselves. Sure, "foul" can be cried at the person who fails a seemingly ultimate failure and succeeds through this type of desire later, but can "foul" honestly be cried if the success happens even after seemingly ultimate failure? No, it cannot be honestly said, cried or otherwise, that is why I put the word foul in quotes.A great self help philosopher of the twentieth century once took an expensive dictionary he bought by mail and clipped the word "impossible" out of it. I hope this article helps clips the sentence fragment "impossible to succeed" out of your mind, because everything is realistically possible if the desire is there and the time is taken to creatively persevere to a realistic solution to any problem. Because if the problem exists there is always a solution. The impossible is just a problem waiting to be solved by someone who knows it is possible because it exists as a problem with an ultimate solution. So, now you know what I mean by "navigating successfully the up and down trends of life with activated desire", and more, all that has to be done about anything realistically is to think, act and generate. Sure, the navigation and perseverance processes may seem more involved. But if at first you do not succeed, try again until you do. If there is a problem, there is always a solution. Always.My name is Joshua Clayton, I am a freelance writer based in Inglewood, California. I also write under a few pen-names and aliases, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write by that for the most part now. I am a philosophical writer and objective thinker and honest action taker.I also work at a senior center in Gardena, California as my day job, among other things, but primarily I am a writer. As a kid I did construction work with my Dad which taught me many things like plumbing, hard labor and electrical systems, and I took notes for my Dad's home poker games at my Uncle Johnnie Gilmore's house, so I have a lot of life experience, sure. But I went to Cal State Dominguez Hills College, UCLA, and El Camino Junior College and learned a lot, but never got around to getting a degree, just lots of money spent, good grades and some credits. So, here I am currently freelance writing and working at a senior center for a living.But enough details of my life, what I do is not what I am. So here is what I enjoy, I enjoy reading, listening to music (everything from Beetoven, Strauss and Bach to The Meters, ELO and The Band and Dylan/Garcia and The Grateful Dead also, when they were the Grateful Dead. Well, as you can tell by SOME of the music I listen to, I am a very eclectic person. I am also a deep science fiction fan and as said before, a lover of books. If I were to go into everything it would take thousands of words and I only have about three hundred words here, of which I have used 290 of already. Well, I end here. Thanks. Joshua Clayton.