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Wealth and Abundance123

by isbella isla (2019-02-05)

Now I have my Wealth and Abundance own law practice, I run a successful online business and I manage rental property, I drive a gorgeous car and regularly take foreign holidays.Materially speaking, my life is amazing. But the really painful obstacles I had to overcome were those created in my heart and in my mind as a result of the initial betrayal and subsequent cruel hardship I and my small children experienced at the hands of someone who I shall only describe as a very lost man. I say that because no matter what, he is and will remain the father of my children. I do not intend to cast him in the role of evil wrongdoer. He was simply playing his part.Another crucial step in my healing was my determination that another person's negative actions would not cause me to deny myself the thrill of feeling fantastic. I do not want to give my power away so easily.Nevertheless, those emotional obstacles are predictably taking a little longer to overcome, but I'm getting there. A broken bone can be healed and its progress can be charted quite neatly, but emotional pain is harder to overcome and healing at that level is far more complex. It requires a huge amount of forgiveness of oneself, compassion for oneself, heaps of certainty and lots of self belief and self encouragement.