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by princy william (2019-02-05)

Vitamin B6,a water soluble Bauer Nutrition Review vitamin, is a true supplement that performs a variety of functions for our aging baby boomers bodies.Vitamin B6 Benefits:It helps in protein and red blood cell metabolism including the production of hemoglobin in the red blood cells. The red blood cells carry oxygen and help keep the body oxygenated and is therefore important to the immune system. In addition, concerning the immune system, vitamin B6 aids in the maintenance of the lymphoid organs. These are organs such as the spleen, lymph nodes and thymus and they act as filters for bacteria. They contain many white blood cells that help destroy the bacteria after it is trapped.Another accomplishment of Vitamin B6 is that it helps in the function of the nervous system. Neurotransmitters (required for normal nerve cell communication) in the brain are aided in their synthesis process by vitamin B6 dependent enzymes. It helps the body produce its own levels of niacin or vitamin B3 drawn from natural dietary intake or supplements. Niacin, in return, helps the body maintain proper blood glucose levels. It also helps the body in the metabolism of amino acids. Just briefly, amino acids are the building blocks for protein. Protein is an essential part of our bodies and is contained in practically every type of tissue.Sources:Vitamin B6 is found in a variety of foods. They include fortified cereals, which probably has the highest value, beans, meat, poultry and fish. Most people with normal nutritional diets have sufficient levels of the vitamin.