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The Carnivore's Bible

by princy william (2019-02-05)

Most important, you should not The Carnivore's Bible Review panic, try to remain calm. This is where being prepared comes in. Even if you and yours have not had fire drills or practiced an evacuation plan you need to protect your self from the flames, heat, and hot gases produced by the fire. This is when a fireproof blanket (or fire safety blanket), kept in easy access, is very important.Next, notify everyone you can find to evacuate, and if necessary help them outside, protecting them and yourself with the fire blanket. If smoke has moved throughout the house stay low to reduce the effects of smoke inhalation. Then, when you are safely outside, call 911, even if you have to use a neighbor's phone.Only if the fire is small or just started, should you attempt to put it out yourself. In just seconds the fire could spread, blocking exits, or overcome you with heat and smoke. This would keep you from warning others or getting you and your family safely outside.The point of all this is that, if you have no other emergency product in your home, everyone should have at least one large fire blanket (fire safety blanket/fire proof blanket) in their home; preferably in their bed room, where it can be reached at a moments notice. Remember, being prepared is the best way to survive a fire emergency.If you don't have a tarp, you could create a ridge line with a stick held up by two forked branches or between two fairly close trees. Additional branches could be placed against the ridge line stick at a 60 degree angle to form the roof. Boughs of evergreens could be placed upon the roof supports to act as a roof to protect you from the wind and rain. A debris pile can be placed on the floor of the shelter to insulate you from the ground. This is probably one of the easiest shelters to make if you don't have a tarp.