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Fibo Quantum

by gold stone (2019-02-04)

One event that Fibo Quantum Review encouraged me to write this article was today's (Oct 20, 2009) price action in USD/CAD after the bank of Canada announced its monetary policy decision. It is a good example of currency trading and what lures in a punter to trade. While there were no surprises in the Ban of Canada decision to keep rates unchanged, USD/Cad firmed following the announcement. It had closed at 1.0298 the prior day after falling sharply in line with an overall weaker US dollar. Prior to the Bank of Canada decision, it was trading around 1.0310. After the decision, USD/CAD started to firm and the average punter would look to sell it at every pause. I know because that was my instinct as well until I looked at a chart and abandoned the idea. Well, USD/CAD paused at various levels, sucking in the punter and then continued to march higher as weak short positions were squeezed until finally peaking around 1.0525. Even if the punter was lucky to grab a few pips by fading the moves and then buying USD/CAD back quickly, the price action, as illustrated above, offered a poor risk/reward with losses far outstripping gains if the entry was timed wrong.Punting in forex trading or any other gorm of trading is not a blueprint for long term success. I have said this many times and it is worth repeating here: Those traders who approach currency trading as if they were in a casino (i.e. gamble) will see the same long-term results as when they go to a casino. If you approach forex trading as a business, using solid analysis, risk/reward ratios and proper money management, you have a better chance of success.Now, the traders are making wealth by utilizing the best available opportunity from the marketplace. Traders prefer to make money through online by participating in Forex trading. Fast online is used to do trading in the forex market. You can take the advantage of forex trading throughout the day. It provides a wide variety of currencies for trading according to the market trend. It is also very economical way of making money because no cost is charged for a transaction. Simply, you can say that it is free of any expense and any commission.Tentative trader has the opportunities to make the money and take the benefits at the opening. These benefits are made by a little bit movement in the price. The market fluctuations also have a very strong influence on forex trading