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Psoriasis Revolution

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-02-02)

We have heard it time and again. Psoriasis Revolution Review We are what we eat and as corny as the saying sounds, it is essentially true. If we focus on foods which are essentially poor in nutrition, many of those junk or fast food alternatives that we crave around lunchtime, for example, then should we really expect to look and feel our best? We might not have paid that much attention to human biology when we were in school, but all of us should at least know that our bodies are complicated and intricate and require the correct "fuel" in order to function correctly. Look what happens when you don't focus on your intake: If you tried to put diesel fuel into your conventional, petrol engine car what would happen? Exactly. That piece of equipment is designed to function well when provided with the correct fuel and your body is essentially the same. Much has been said about the coronary effects of eating food which is high in the wrong kind of fat and cholesterol. We know that if we concentrate on those poorly nutritious foods that we run the risk of developing heart problems, which could be fatal. The heart care industry is the poster child of good nutrition, but we should still remember that eating poorly can manifest itself in many other places. Don't forget that your skin is a primary organ, too. It needs nutrients and minerals and vitamins, together with good hydration in order to look and function at its best, as well. While you might not realize it, the repercussions of eating all those "super whopper" burgers will manifest themselves in your outward appearance. So, can you really find food for younger looking skin? Is it possible to reverse the effects of aging and all the damage that you may have caused by eating poorly in the past? Many experts agree that if you focus on certain foods which are high in certain vitamins, nutrients and minerals then you can definitely make a difference. For example, strawberries are very high in vitamin C.

This is a very strong antioxidant that is linked to the production of collagen within the skin. One cup of strawberries is equivalent to more than your daily recommended intake of vitamin C and this fruit also has other benefits, as well. Turning from fruits to vegetables and another red product, tomatoes have high levels of antioxidants, as well as lycopene. You can help to protect your skin from the effects of the sun and have a positive effect on the production of collagen, which prevents sagging. When you cook, use extra virgin olive oil. This is high in essential fatty acids, which can help to keep skin supple and this particular oil is also indicated as an aid in lowering cholesterol, so good for your general diet as well. By changing your diet and choosing food for younger looking skin, you can augment your new skincare regime and look forward to a brighter and more glowing you, while also promoting longevity, stamina and self-assurance.