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by Clara robert (2019-02-02)

It's not how much that you've been taught that trulyZen12 Review counts, but rather it is what you've actually learned that matters! In addition, we must develop the ability to differentiate between important or essential information based on fact, and mere opinions and empty rhetoric. Not everything that we taught has equal value, and thus it is important to understand that the important consideration in our learning process must be both converting useful training into active learning combined with discerning which information is the highest in both quality and importance. We must basically examine three questions: 1. Does our training become true learning?; 2. Does that learning then go on to become actual knowledge?; 3. Do we then use the combination of knowledge and valuable experience to become expertise?Getting the most out of our education and training requires acceptance that learning is a process, and not just an exercise. The first phase must be to approach all training in an open minded, accepting manner. This does not mean merely blindly accepting what we hear, but rather listening effectively, developing questions, consider relevance and how this learning relates to valuable and necessary skills, etc. The next phase is to take the information received, and immediately trying to apply those in a meaningful manner so that the training becomes embedded in our mind and tool bag.