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by isbella isla (2019-02-02)

An intention is a determination Five Minute Profit Sites that you make, first mentally and then verbally and in writing. Clarity is a pre-requisite for properly setting an intention. Just as goal setting and goal achievement only work with specific goals, not general goals, so setting an intention becomes a powerful tool only when the intention is very specific. Knowing where you would like to be, or what you would like to have, or what you would like to achieve is not enough. You must also set the intention of actually doing or achieving it. Once you have clarity about your objective or what you want to accomplish, you are able to properly set the intention to achieve it.Prior to the seminar, I had achieved a great deal of clarity about what I needed in my business. In this process, I came to recognize that there was an area that I needed expert assistance in. I set the intention of finding that expert assistance at the seminar. Although I didn't know of any experts in that area who I could turn to for assistance, I thought it was realistic to expect that one of the other entrepreneurs at the seminar would have encountered the same issue, or know someone who had, and would be able to point me in the right direction.