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by gold stone (2019-02-01)

The first step is to Lutazene Review relax your eyes. Do this by palming - put your elbows on a surface in front of you and then put your palms over your eye sockets, being careful not to touch your eyeballs. Focus on relaxing the muscles of your eyes and eyebrows, and also on the blackness. Once you have done this for a few moments and feel more relaxed you can move onto eye exercises.Once you feel relaxed, open your eyes and start swinging them back and forth, like you are following a pendulum. You can also move them up and down, from side to side, or alternate your focus from something near to something across the room. This last exercise is know as convergence and divergence. You put a finger in front of your eyes (about 2 feet in front) and focus past it or in front of it. In both cases you should see a double image of your finger. Make sure to maintain the level of relaxation you first experienced at the end of the palming. Established visual habits are tough to break and can creep back unexpectedly, so be alert for that.These exercises should be done regularly and for some time - more than a week that is. It takes some time for you body to establish a new physical habit.About 2 months ago I broke my latest pair of glasses. For one reason or another, I could never seem to be able to keep them for very long - they got lost or broken very easily. Contacts were even worse, nevermind that I never quite got used to the feeling of them in my eyes, especially if they were slightly dry. I often thought about trying to get better vision without glasses, but thought good eyesight was a genetic thing that you either had or did not.That turned out to be not the case though. One day I was wandering through the wilds of the internet and came across an article that talked about how eye strain is learned, not innate. That seemed to fly in the face of everything I'd heard, but what if it were true? What if you really could get better vision naturally?This sounded like a bunch of nonsense to me, but my need to get rid of the gear associated with bad eyesight (and the replacement costs) I decided to follow through. Here's what I found;Your eyes are moved 6 overly powerful muscles. Because your eyeball is soft an fluid, these muscles are strong enough to warp the shape of your eyeball if they are held in a certain position for long enough. And if done repetitively over time this can cause the eye to assume a new shape - one which will cause vision problems. But not only that, the amount of strain isn't constant, so by wearing fixed lenses (glasses or contacts) you can actually make your vision worse.The first step to improving your vision is to learn how to palm your eyes.