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Becoming Limitless

by gold stone (2019-02-01)

If you're thinking Becoming Limitless Review this sounds great but how do I start, well you could go to the bookstore and read a book on each topic, you can research it online or you could watch video tutorials that show you step by step how to create all of these and more.Just Google any topic and you'll come up with an endless banquet of appetizers. Enough to make a meal, much to the consternation of folks like me, who still think "free," is the worst four-letter word in business.Today, no one has a lock on uniqueness. Intellectual property--isn't. The rate of rip-offs is accelerating. iPhone is suddenly competing with a Chinese-made Hi-Phone, which costs one-tenth as much as the real deal.So, my approach has shifted, radically. Instead of doing all of my development work up-front, say writing a complete book, or even a sample chapter or two along with a proposal, I string my ideas across a sea of gliding monsters, my competitors, to see what they're working on that will rival, or even devour my market entry.The idea is to let them sharpen my perspective, without any awareness that they're doing so.For example, I am "shopping" a book idea right now in discussion groups. Having written a brief article on the subject, I'm offering it as a link and a conversation starter, so far, with astonishing results.Already, others have seized my discussion, and are fielding and enhancing ideas that I am silently and yes, stealthily monitoring. The buzz around the topic is increasing, which I can use to document to publishers the "legs" this topic has.Contrast this with two sad, pre-Internet experiences I had. I wrote a book, SIX-FIGURE CONSULTING that was trumped within a few months by MILLION-DOLLAR CONSULTING. That came after I published my 60 SECOND SALESPERSON, which was quickly rivaled by THE ONE-MINUTE SALESPERSON.Allah Almighty has created human being as the best of the creature or Crown creature. Man has an unsurpassable superiority over other creatures. He has been endowed with supreme and matchless qualities, helping him stand apart from the rest of the creatures. Having been given carnal self, he is tested in this world. Both angelic and devilish forces are at work with him. In this trial, he is supposed to emerge victorious by putting strong resistance to satanic forces, which are hell-bent to seduce and pervert him from the right path. His persistence, strict adherence to his religious beliefs and strong will power will surely enable him to succeed.In order to be successful, you have to overcome a great many things. At times you might find yourself not accomplishing your goals because of an obstacle that you don't know how to handle. Some of those obstacles are created internally, within the mind and emotions. But whether your obstacles are self-created or not, you can overcome them with a little hard work and determination.