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by isbella isla (2019-02-01)

Gas permeable lenses can be Lutazene made with various designs and materials, freeing the fitter to fashion a contact to meet precise needs. Recent advances in technology have allowed a hybrid lens to be developed that combines the best features of soft contacts with those of GPs. The result is a lens with a rigid gas permeable center married to a soft outer skirting-giving the wearer sharp vision and comfort.So, despite the vogue for soft contacts, GPs should not be discounted when selecting a suitable lens. They have a proven track record that makes them far from obsolete.Dry eye syndrome cannot actually be cured but it can be managed with the proper dry eye treatment. This syndrome often causes scratchiness and burning in the eye and can be relieved somewhat with certain medications such as artificial tears and eye drops. Wearing sunglasses while outdoors helps to keep windborne material out of the eyes and eliminates some of the dryness. Even certain foods such as fish and supplements such as cod liver oil can decrease eye dryness.Some relief for dryness can be derived when a small insert is placed just inside the eyelid. This insert then continually releases lubricant so that the eye stays moist throughout the day. Over-the-counter eye drops are effective only if they contain artificial tears. Some of these medications will reduce redness but won't help provide moisture to the eye itself.