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Power of Clarity

by Clara robert (2019-02-01)

First you start with your current pain. Ask Power of Clarity Review yourself the following questions. "What is missing from my current situation and why is that desired and important? What is the pain of continuing this situation?" When one really takes the time to answer this question, two types of pain usually emerge. There are obvious surface items that will come forth that have you already considering making the change in the first place. However, upon analysis there may be deeper pains that you are not aware of until you stop to give the situation further thought. In my instance, the new opportunity centered upon improving my ability to offer a service to my clients that I currently do not have a complete set of tools to implement properly. As I thought further, I realized many of those clients that are in my demographic are facing this issue. While I have the ability to help them in some respects, their true issues center on needing a more detailed methodology to address their issues. So, one of the things to emerge for me in this step was why this opportunity was so appealing to me.