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Becoming Limitless

by gold stone (2019-01-31)

Everything is Becoming Limitless Review preceded by energy, and the emotions associated with you believe. And out of these assumptions you have your expectation. To change you expectations you must change your story for another invented better feeling story. First release the old emotion. Literally, release your grip on it.If you and everyone around you has come to believe you are no better than a .250 hitter you won't over the long haul deviate much from that. This entire talk is to shed light on what causes us to be stuck in certain realities thereby freeing us to build new possibilities.A quote I have often seen attributed to Gandhi is "you must be the change you wish to see in the world." Regardless of its origin, it is a fundamental truth about change. Change occurs now, not when. I often talk about the instantaneous nature of change. That is, as soon as you change your mind the world immediately begins to follow. It is during this time of transition, as daily events begin to shift to match your new mindset, that people often encounter doubts and fears that challenge their resolve. Recently I have had a theme occurring among my coaching clients that leads me to talk more about this. We all have a daily practice (whether we realize it or not) through which we continually create the reality in which we live. Living out a change involves changing that daily practice. I believe there are some key areas of practice that, when held in our consciousness, can greatly help us on whatever path we have chosen. Here are five that I have used with my some of my clients.Change can be scary. There can be very real risks. I often see people push their fears aside in hopes of moving more quickly into their new future. There is no need to ignore fear, only to learn to listen to it and keep it in a helpful place. Being courageous is acting in the face of your fear. Being courageous is choosing your actions based on your trust and future focus while acknowledging that some aspects may be scary.Know what you expect to have happen and focus on it. Being positive does not mean being cheerful (although that helps) or ignoring risks and problems. It means spending your time and energy focused on where you want to go and taking actions that are in alignment with your chosen direction.Assertive in this context means actively creating what you will and will not accept in your life. On a daily basis, look at the things, events, and people that surround you and fill your time. If they nourish you and sustain your change, build on them. If they do not, say no to them. Remember, you're in charge of creating this beautiful picture. Fill it completely.