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by isbella isla (2019-01-31)

We use our senses to know the things Lutazene around us. We have five senses and among those we rely most on our eyes.Our eyes are the most important part of the body. In fact, the things that we know get to our brain through our eyes, yet, we seem to take them for granted. We often care about them until something bad happens. It's so crucial for us to take good care of our eyes, if we don't we might not see beautiful things again. So, for it not to happen here are some useful guidelines on how to take care of our eyes.We must have our eyes checked on a regular basis by an ophthalmologist; they are the ones who are trained to test our eyes. Through this regular check up, they can observe some problems that our eyes might have and with that they can give us medications or instructions on how to avoid the worsening of our eye problems.It's important to rest your eyes every half an hour by looking into a distance when you are reading, writing or doing lots of works. This will help your eyes from becoming tired.When you are reading, writing or doing lots of work, it's important to do it in a well-lit place. This will let you to see things clearly without any shadows formed that pressures your eyes.You should never look directly at intense lights nor look at the sun by using telescope or binoculars. Why? It's because the lights activates the cells in our retina and too much of it would harm the rods and cones permanently.Vitamin A is needed by rod cells in our retina to work accurately. So it's important to eat foods rich in Vit A such as carrots, spinach and watercress. There is a consequence of not eating enough foods rich in vit A, you would get night blindness. This defection means you can't see things clearly during night or in dark places.A lot of people are familiar with vision correcting contact lenses, because a wide majority of people adorn them. However, not a lot of people are aware about the novelty contact lenses that exist, and often times do not require a prescription in order to obtain.But, if you require some kind of corrective lens you can obtain these corrective contact lenses in a prescription if you deem necessary. The lenses work in the same regards that normal corrective lenses work, if you obtain them with a prescription. They assist you with your vision impairment in the same respects as clear coated contacts do.