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by isbella isla (2019-01-31)

These changes PhenQ basically center around the food you eat. You gain weight from the food you eat, not because of a lack of exercise. Food is without doubt the number one cause of weight gain. The average female needs 2000 calories a day just to keep her body alive and functioning properly. So if you can make wise food choices and stay within your limit of 2000 calories each day then it's a fact that you will maintain your weight and not gain weight.So can you just imagine if you ate less than 2000 calories a day? It would result in you losing weight without doing any exercises at all! Then think about how much you could lose each week if you added a little exercise to your daily routine, you could get the body you always dreamed of with just a little bit of discipline.So you want to lose weight, huh? There are many things you can do to lose weight. Have you tried them? Have you tried diet and exercise? If you have and still have not lost the weight that you desired that is OK. every one is different and how they metabolize is different as well. Everyone has this genetic code and many are hard to break. You are not alone by a long shot.There has been many breakthroughs one pinpointing why some have had trouble losing weight, especially females. If you just do your research you can find a way that is bearable to lose your stubborn fat. You do although have to take steps to find out what is right for you. Also, when you do find a solution that may be right for you, you have to follow it completely before you move on to another program. This is not an area where you can procrastinate in, you can not be lazy. There is no magic pill or diet solution out there that with little to no effort makes you lose all that unwanted body fat. You must have some self-discipline.Now having said that, after you have tried and made efforts to lose your unwanted body fat and still have not seen any results there are some new breakthroughs for you. Doc. Charles Livingston among others have focused in why it is so hard for females to lose weight. The results of what they have found is amazing. It is in a females genetics to not burn off that body fat but to store it. That is why it is harder for a female to lose weight than that of the average man. This is why some females, that after trying and trying to lose weight on diet and exercise alone and seeing no results, needs an aid in an other fashion. Like Lipton, a chemical that has been proven to boost females metabolism and tell it to burn body fat and not store it. This is just one case. If you are a female and having trouble losing weight please do not be discouraged. You may need to take an extra measure but you can succeed at losing weight.