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Success Mastery Academy

by Clara robert (2019-01-31)

A friend of mine said a great Success Mastery Academy Review line to me a couple of weeks ago. It was a piece of advice someone at bible college had given him. They had said to him "Don't die with your dreams".Almost everyone has dreams of what they want to do and what they want their life to be like. Few people actually live out those dreams. Most people die with their dreams still in them unaccomplished.Me and my wife went out for dinner the other night with a married couple. As I was talking to Mark (the guys name) I was telling him about how I am going into business for myself and how I am flipping websites etc. Truthfully he tried to convince me out of it. But in his attempt to convince me out of it he was telling me how when he was my age he wish he knew what he wanted to do (like I know what I wanted to do). If he could do it over again he would do it differently.Mark has dreams to be a writer, but yet he is working in finance (which he is good at, but not passionate about). I love and respect him but I don't want to work in a job full time which I don't love. I want to pursue my dreams of becoming a writer and at the moment flipping websites is a good way to get cash from writing. I don't get to write about exactly what I am passionate about (God) but I do get to write a lot about things I love such as money, debt, entrepreneurialism, movies etc.