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Bauer Nutrition

by isbella isla (2019-01-30)

Calories are Bauer Nutrition fuel like a car needs fuel to run efficiently. Women need at least 2,400 calories a day and Men need at least 3,000 calories a day depending on your activity level. One way to easily get your calories is smoothies. I usually have 1-2 smoothies everyday for quick meals. Something that you might consider is investing in a high quality blender that doesn't break down or fall apart or needs replacement parts after a year. One that I definitely recommend is the Vitamix. It is the world's most durable blender and has the longest warranty! With the vitamix you can make smoothies, dressings, sauces, soups, dips, ice cream, and other meals. It's actually very easy to clean and has many options from blending to chopping etc.Nutrition is an essential part of every individual's diet. Without it, the body stops thriving and begins to shut down. If the problem is not addressed, it can become life threatening. While most people have no problem getting the essential nutrition and vitamins their bodies need through a proper diet, there are times when diet alone simply cannot provide the proper amount of nutrients that are needed in order for the body to function optimally.One area where the body needs to receive additional nutrition through the use of supplements and vitamins is when an individual participates in sports. Regardless of the sport a person chooses to participate in, competing puts major demands on the physical body. Sports that involve a good amount of contact, such as football, basketball, and soccer, as well as other sports such as track, swimming, dance, and the martial arts, all have their own special demands that they place on a person's body. Failure to replenish the body after intense physical activity can have a variety of unwelcome consequences, such as severe muscle cramps, fatigue, dehydration, exhaustion, and in extreme cases, even death.It is possible to maintain a training routine that is extremely regimented, but in order for the athlete to do it safely, he or she must take more than just training into consideration. It is true that one of the most important things that you can do for your own body is to exercise the power of proper nutrition through a healthy diet.However, if you are competing in sports, you need more than just a healthy diet in order to excel at your chosen sport. By the very nature of the activity that you are doing, you are placing extreme demands on your body. Therefore, you must replenish your body in order for it to perform at an ideal level.